female patient on consultation for collagen biostimulators and botox treatment

New products, techniques, and combinations of both are emerging as we speak, promising to offer long-lasting rejuvenation for skin of all types and ages. 

One exciting idea that keeps practitioners and patients wondering is combining collagen biostimulators with botulinum toxin. A natural response to this is to ask whether biostimulators and toxins even be combined safely is a single session, and if so, how?

One of the common misconceptions about botulinum toxin products is that they stop collagen production, something that biostimulators should enhance. If that were the case, then using both a collagen biostimulator injection and a botulinum toxin would make no sense, as one would prevent the other from its prime purpose, which is to create a rejuvenated appearance of the skin. 

Even though some studies confirm that toxins and biostimulators can be administered together, some concerns still exist. Keep reading to learn more about these two injectables’ safe and effective administration.

Key Takeaways

  • The demand for collagen biostimulator injections in recent years has been constantly rising.
  • Patients often wonder if they can combine collagen biostimulators with botulinum toxins, often even in the same treatment. 
  • Combined use of collagen biostimulators and botulinum toxins is common but requires special care and attention, a professional approach and a pause in between each application of at least half an hour.
  • When applied correctly, collagen biostimulators and botulinum toxins should not interfere with each other’s effectiveness. 

Can You Combine Collagen Biostimulators with Toxins?

A study published in the International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science, focusing on the use of both collagen biostimulators and botulinum toxins in the same session,  states that: The combination of filler with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and collagen biostimulators has been frequently used in facial harmonization, providing more natural and lasting results. (…) In this sense, it was observed that the combined use of botulinum toxin and collagen biostimulators requires caution and attention when choosing the application technique and the period of use of botulinum toxin for collagen biostimulators. The interaction between the procedures due to their mechanisms of action and inflammatory stimuli is evident.

Having this in mind, it is necessary to take into consideration the specifics of administering these injectables. 

Botulinum toxin products must be applied to targeted muscles with great care and precision. After the treatment, the patient is advised to refrain from physical activity and from touching the area of injection to avoid the possibility of the injected product spreading across other areas. Due to this fact, any procedures proceeding with botulinum toxin injections are avoided for some time. Even regular facials are advised to be conducted before the botulinum toxin injections. 

woman getting several injectables in a single treatment

With collagen biostimulators, a patient can expect to see signs of inflammation due to the application process of the procedure. This too, can affect the outcome of any botulinum toxin injections, reducing its effectiveness. 

As it is mentioned in the International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science: Some studies suggest that the simultaneous use of botulinum toxin and biostimulators of collagen can interfere with the desired aesthetic effects due to inflammation generated by biostimulators. Inflammation can result in early degradation of the toxin botulinum and, consequently, a reduction in the duration of the desired effect.

The continuation of the study gives answers on how to approach the idea of administering botulinum toxins and biostimulators: There is evidence that interference on the aesthetic effects of botulinum toxin, when used simultaneously with collagen biostimulators, can be mitigated through careful choice of technique application and the application interval between the two procedures.

So the answer to whether or not to combine the two is not a simple ”yes”, but rather a ”yes, but”. 

With an expert approach from a skilled professional and the utmost care for the best interest of the patient, collagen biostimulators can be applied with botulinum toxins in the same session, ideally with at least half an hour between them

How to Apply Collagen Biostimulators and Toxins in One Session

The difference in the collagen biostimulator protocol and that of botulinum toxin products during the same session lies in the order and time frame of each. The precision and the placement of each injection needs to be conducted with great accuracy. 

Botulinum toxin products are usually injected first. After about half an hour to an hour, the patient is ready to receive a collagen biostimulator injection. 

It goes without saying that these treatments need a prior consultation, during which the doctor will examine the patient’s medical history and give realistic advice on what to expect concerning the final results, their longevity, and the aftercare of the procedure.

Biostimulator and Toxin Combination Side Effects

Although the combination of collagen biostimulators and botulinum toxin products is used to enhance the benefits of both procedures, as with other aesthetic treatments, the patient needs to learn about the possible unwanted side effects

Some of the known side effects of combining biostimulators with toxins in the same session include:

  • Skin reactions at the site of the injections, like bruising, redness, swelling
  • Inflammation 
  • Rare cases of allergic reactions
  • Rare cases of infections
  • Rare cases of intensified muscle paralysis or weakening

To avoid or minimize the potential risks of these procedures, medical professionals should always listen to their expertise and focus on the best possible solution for their patients’ ”needs” rather than ”wants”. 

Collagen Biostimulators and Toxin Brand Combinations

With possible questions arising, like ”can you have PROFHILO® and BOTOX® together”, it is best to stick to well-known brands of collagen biostimulators and toxin injections. 

When it comes to biostimulators, products to keep an eye for are:

When talking about toxins, some of the most often-used brands are:

You can also explore the Korean toxins brands, which are, like Korean dermal fillers, famous for their efficacy but come with a lower price tag than European ones. Our recommendations are BOTULAX® and NABOTA®.

The combination of the brands used in the treatments mentioned will depend on various factors, like the patient’s desired outcome, their skin quality, the specific area of treatment, and the dose needed to achieve the right effect. 

Contact Medical Spa Rx for more information on how to purchase these products online at the best prices available.


The application of both botulinum toxin injections and collagen biostimulators in the same session is a common practice that is not contraindicated if conducted by a skilled aesthetic professional, following the recommended protocol, to minimize the interaction between the two injectables and to minimize inflammatory stimuli. 

Doctors need to educate their patients on the possible side effects and negative results of these combined procedures. 

If you wish to discover more information on collagen biostimulators and botulinum toxin products, don’t hesitate to contact us or book a meeting with our customer support team. Our team is here to answer any concerns and offer personal guidance of our client’s online shopping experience, helping them receive the best advice and top quality products.


Do biostimulators really work?

Yes, biostimulators offer a long-lasting, rejuvenating effect on the skin by stimulating the body’s collagen production. 

What are the benefits of biostimulators?

Depending on their structure, biostimulators restore hydration, plump the skin, increase its elasticity, and offer a refreshed, rejuvenated look that often lasts longer than other aesthetic treatments.

What is the best collagen stimulator?

The quality and efficacy of collagen stimulators depend on many factors: from the brand to the client’s skin quality and expectations. Some of the most popular biostimulator brands are PROFHILO® H+, RADIESSE®, and SCULPTRA® 2 vials. 

Does BOTOX® stop collagen production?

No, botulinum toxin injections are known to increase the production of collagen.

Can you mix PROFHILO® with BOTOX®?

You can have BOTOX® and PROFHILO® together, during the same treatment, but a pause in between each of about half an hour is advised. 

Can I get PROFHILO® and BOTOX® on the same day?

Yes, some patients choose to have both treatments administered on the same day. 

Do you still need BOTOX® with PROFHILO®?

Depending on the desired outcome of a treatment, a patient may need or rather want to have both injectables administered to achieve their goal. 


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