With so many options available, it can be hard to focus on the optimal types of dermal lip fillers and narrow down the choice. Beauty magazines and manufacturers may regularly push forward newer fillers and discard others because the trends dictate so or because a newly developed filler is being marketed strongly.

To counter this approach, we have focused on highly efficient fillers with few side effects and those that have established themselves as the industry standard.

For this overview, we have selected fillers that:

  • Have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from significant numbers of patients and aestheticians over time
  • Are FDA-approved specifically for lip augmenting purposes
  • Create fewer side effects
  • Do not cause irreversible damage to sensitive lip tissue
  • Create reasonably predictable results. 

Dermal filler prices were not essential and are provided here for informational purposes only. The critical parameters for our selection are safety and ultimate outcomes, so read on to learn about the lip fillers you can rely on.

The Most Sought-After Lip Fillers

These are some of the best dermal lip fillers available on the market today:

1. Juvederm Ultra XC

This product is the ‘golden standard’ of lip fillers, as it’s composed of cross-linked lab-created hyaluronic acid and a tiny portion of lidocaine for a more comfortable injection. The filler was designed by the renowned aesthetical medicine giant Juvederm, specifically for efficient and precise sculpting and augmenting lips for a truly natural and plump pout. The primary advantage of Juvederm Ultra XC is its texture, which is mid-viscous and somewhat thinner than some other fillers, enabled by relatively small molecule size.

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2. Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse consists of hyaluronic acid, which is cross-linked using a proprietary technology called XpresHAn.

Its main benefit is its texture, which is extra soft and malleable, designed to maintain natural and effortless movement and springiness of lip tissues after injections. With Restylane Kysse, lips gain a younger, smoother, and plumper appearance, not the ‘worked-on’ look.

The gel does not include lidocaine, so additional painkilling may be necessary.

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3. Art Filler Lips by Fillmed (Filorga)

The French-developed gel is created explicitly for lip tissues and features an extra soft, viscous texture. You can implement it for volumizing and revitalizing lips and defining contours.

The combination of three types of cross-linked HA (made by TRI-HYAL technology) ensures smooth injection, malleability, and the capacity to fill the finest wrinkles and cavities for a natural yet plump look with perfect lip mobility.

The filler is enhanced with lidocaine for a better injecting experience. The price is also affordable. As an Art Filler Lips supplier, we offer it on our website.

4. Juvederm Volbella XC

When reviewing top-class lip fillers, it’s impossible not to mention Juvederm Volbella XC due to its thin texture that allows minute tweaks and improvements for the most sensitive lips.

This hyaluronic filler is designed to provide a very subtle effect, allowing the rejuvenation of lips without making them appear artificial or building the desired volume in thin lips gradually, in small increments, and with complete control over the effect. XC here indicates the addition of lidocaine for comfort.

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5. Teosyal Kiss

This Swiss-designed filler is a perfect addition to your toolkit of lip fillers because it features higher density than other fillers. While most other fillers are developed with a 3/4 degree of HA cross-linking, Teosyal offers a 4/5 degree.

Its texture is ideal for volumizing lips, defining contours, and fixing asymmetries. Purified sterile HA gel is safe and easy to inject. It can be combined with other HA fillers of more viscous texture or act as a standalone filler with unique properties.

Multiple patients’ and doctors’ testimonies demonstrate that the best recommended and tested lip fillers are based on hyaluronic acid due to their physiological properties and reversibility.

Fillers may differ in density and additives (with or without lidocaine). They usually have longevity of close to a year (as manufacturers claim) and can be dissolved if the result does not satisfy a patient.

Most patients report very mild to no side effects and are willing to repeat injections when the effect wears away.

Fillers made of other substances ( found in the section below) are sometimes used for lips off the label, but the results are somewhat controversial.

Types of Fillers Commonly Used For Lip Injections

Some of the most commonly used types of fillers are:

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

These are the most known and popular lip fillers because cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) is a perfect substance for filling sensitive tissues like lips or the glabellar area rich in blood vessels.

HA is commonly found in the human body and is fully biocompatible and absorbable. Fillers based on HA have the consistency of gels of varying density and viscosity, making them perfect for precise sculpting and plumping whole lips.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite-Based Fillers

These fillers consist of calcium spheres suspended in a hyaluronic solution, so they are both semi-dissolvable and semi-permanent. They aim to create a highly biocompatible implant around which new collagen will form over time.

Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are excellent for substantial filling of extensive areas and creating definition and volume in cheeks and jawlines. Still, they are usually unsuitable for areas where softness and high mobility should be preserved.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid-Based Fillers (PLLA)

These fillers rely on the body’s natural abilities to produce collagen. Synthetically formed particles of PLLA are suspended in an inert solution and administered as a regular filler.

However, the solution is absorbed quickly, and the remaining particles of acid trigger mild irritation that causes natural collagen production in a required place. The effect is built slowly over time, and the cumulative effect of treatment makes the filler suitable for filling large areas and areas where firmness is required.

Lips are not suitable tissues for a PLLA filler, and we, as a responsible dermal fillers supplier, describe it here solely for informational purposes.

A hyaluronic acid dermal filler for lips is the optimal choice for augmenting and rejuvenating lips. These fillers are safe, fully controllable, and can be dissolved if the result does not satisfy a patient.

Other fillers can be reviewed only as a matter of theoretical comparison without the recommendation to inject them into lip tissues.

Although calcium-based fillers are sometimes used off-the-label for lips enhancement, the results are controversial. The filler is also not reversible and can cause serious side effects when injected directly into lips (formation of hard lumps, granuloma-like nodules, etc.).

Instead, it works well for correcting wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and nasolabial folds, which also impact the look of lips and the lower part of the face.

As its official description mentions, Poly-L-lactic acid-based fillers are not recommended for lips, so please keep this in mind.

The Reasons For And Advantages Of Lip Augmentation with Fillers

Reasons for lip augmentation can be different, yet results are advantageous for a patient’s self-esteem and quality of life.

Aesthetic reason: when a patient is not satisfied with the look of the lips, it causes stress and life dissatisfaction. Enhancing, volumizing, and correcting lip shapes and contours can seriously improve self-image and boost a patient’s well-being.

Aging inevitably brings dehydration and thinning of lips, as well as wrinkling and deformation. It impacts a patient’s self-image but also hinders comfortable lip functioning.

Revitalization, hydration, and plumping of lips with the help of hyaluronic fillers create both positive aesthetic effects and functional improvement, returning softness and elasticity to tissues.

A patient enjoys a new, rejuvenated look of the lips that the injectable dermal filler has delivered and regains the comfort of functional and hydrated lips.

Different Injection Techniques For Lip Fillers And What Conditions Them

You should note that injection techniques depend directly on the type of lip appearance a doctor and a patient want to achieve.

Generally, gels are injected with the help of needles and cannulas. The exact points of injection will depend on the desired effect.

A classic approach to lip filling is to inject gels horizontally, along the vermilion lines, or radially in the spots where plumping is required. The gel can be deposited through needles or cannulas (they reportedly create less bruising) in small amounts to achieve naturalness. ‘Keyhole Pout’ and ‘Paris Lips’ can be made using this method.

If the goal is defining the cupid’s bow, achieving ‘Russian Lips’, or performing lip tenting, injections will be placed vertically into lip tissue in the white lip lines or above them. Cherry Lips, the fresh Korean trend, will require a balanced technique approach.

Post-Treatment: Do’s and Don’ts

As with every invasive procedure, the area subjected to treatment should be protected and properly cared for. Immediately after the procedure, a patient should:

  • Use an ice pack after the injection to reduce swelling
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water
  • Eat foods that are soft and easy to chew
  • Be gentle while washing or cleansing the face in the first 24 hours after injections.

A patient should NOT:

  • Attend sauna, Turkish baths, hot beaches, or take hot baths for a minimum of 24 hours after an injection
  • Engage in excessive or highly physical activity for 24 hours
  • Consume alcohol during the first 24 hours post-treatment
  • Have facial massages for two weeks after injections
  • Use a straw for drinking for 24 hours after injections to avoid filler deformation.

Steps That May Help Prolong The Injections’ Results

Even when the 24 hours post-procedure runs out and patients can return to their daily habits and activities, the proper care for dermal-filler augmented lips can prolong the effect of the fillers. Namely, it’s recommended:

  • To wear sunscreen and avoid the direct sun when it’s most intensive, around 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • If possible, to reduce the amount of stress, as it can impact the speed of metabolism and filler dissolution
  • To remember that active physical exercise also boosts metabolism and filler absorption. If physical activity is a must, more frequent touch-up appointments may be necessary
  • To maintain a varied and healthy diet
  • To try fillers with higher thickness if the previous filler disappeared sooner than expected.

Choosing the Proper Lip Filler For A Specific Task

The brand alone cannot impact the filler choice made by a doctor and a patient. Several factors are to be accounted for before the final decision and the start of the procedure:

  • The anatomic features of the patient’s lips – they should guide the procedure and the choice of fillers
  • The augmentation steps to be taken (plumping, defining the contour or a cupid’s bow, filling the lip wrinkles, etc.)
  • The individual reaction of a patient to certain substances that are found in fillers
  • The density of lip tissue and the amount of volume to be restored.

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Benefits Of Getting A Consultation Of A Licensed Professional

The market is saturated with new varieties of lip fillers, and it’s challenging to keep an eye on all dermal filler options, especially if you are a busy medical professional.

Whenever you need a consultation or guidance in the market of fillers, or when you have specific questions about the filler, you can count on Medical Spa Rx Support to supply you with the necessary information.

Feel free to chat with the Medical Spa Rx specialists, who will facilitate your choice and prompt you on what filler may be the optimal solution for the specific treatment purpose.

Tips On Creating Optimal Results For Patients Seeking Lip Filler Injections

To deliver the best outcomes and meet their expectations, take note of the tips that can help you and your patients go through the procedure smoothly and comfortably.

  1. Follow the lip anatomy and the overall facial balance; fashion trends are a secondary reference in this case
  2. Use reversible fillers that can be dissolved completely
  3. Start with smaller doses of fillers and build up slowly
  4. Provide recommendations for the patient to follow after the treatment in order to avoid complications and minimize the side effects
  5. Buy medical products only from a reliable dermal filler supplier.


Our overview provides an introduction to lip fillers, how to choose them, and what steps should accompany the selection process.

So familiarize yourself with the basics, research the fillers that may suit the needs of different patient subgroups, and create the results that will bring satisfaction and joy from looking in the mirror for all types of patients visiting your clinic.

Warning! The listed medical supplies are intended for professional use only, which means only licensed medical workers who have appropriate training as aestheticians, physicians, and plastic surgeons can purchase them for use in specialized clinics. Any unprofessional application of fillers is not endorsed since it can lead to severe health damage and unplanned aesthetic side effects.

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