Why Has Botox Surged In Popularity?

Botox is a drug that contains small doses of botulinum toxin. It relaxes and paralyzes specific muscles so that wrinkles disappear and a rejuvenating effect appears.

Botox has been growing in popularity for the second decade. Specifically, over 3 million injections are made annually in the USA alone. The drug is used in cosmetology and medicine to treat strabismus, dyskinesia, migraine, and even infantile cerebral palsy. And the therapeutic properties of botulinum toxin became known earlier – in 1981, while cosmetologists officially used the agent only since 2002.

Now the use of Botox has been approved by authoritative medical organizations, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, like all medications, it has several contraindications and can cause complications. They mainly occur with uncertified products similar to Botox, improper administration, or failure to follow other basic rules.

The 9 Best Alternatives To Botox

  1. Neurotoxin Injectables

All Botox similar products have the same focus – they eliminate wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolleté. You will get the result regardless of the complexity, expression, and location of the problem areas. The similarity of the products from different manufacturers ends here, while there are a few differences between them:

  • Composition, the concentration of active ingredients;
  • The depth of penetration into the layers of the skin;
  • The level of botulinum toxin concentration;
  • The duration of preservation of the result obtained.


Toxta is a modern botulinum toxin type A manufactured in South Korea by JETEMA Co. It is KFDA-approved, an excellent alternative to Botox for forehead lines, and designed to treat forehead wrinkles, interbrow lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles.

Key benefits

Smoothes wrinkles by suppressing muscle movement and prevents further wrinkle formation.

Safe and low risk of immune resistance: Toxta is made from the original botulinum toxin strain. The low protein content reduces the risk of immune resistance. The high purity (99.8%) and high biological activity give fast and stable results.

Re N Tox

Re N Tox is an innovative drug (botulinum toxin) of type A premium class, developed by the South Korean company Pharma Research Bio. The drug has become very popular among Botox-like products in clinics in South Korea and Japan due to various advantages:

  • High efficiency at low cost;
  • The result is visible on the third day;
  • Effect duration – 6-8 months;
  • Safety and efficacy of the drug have been proven by years of clinical trials;
  • Minimal risk of complications if done by a professional;
  • Painless injection;
  • No rehabilitation period.


Re N Tox is a lyophilized white powder for injection in a colorless transparent vial, diluted with saline, a clear liquid.

  1. Dermal Fillers


Juvederm gels are a group of dermal fillers for revitalization and face and body contouring, based on hyaluronic acid, stabilized by a unique 3D Matrix technology, which provides the fillers with remarkable properties.

First, it is a plastic three-dimensional gel texture with a homogeneous consistency, perfectly filling all the gaps and providing a natural correction result. The ability to spread evenly under the skin makes Juvederm one of the favorite products of cosmetologists because it allows you to change the entire corrected area and works great with any part of the face.

Second, the risk of gel migration, unevenness of relief, bumps, and other unaesthetic visual effects is almost eliminated when properly injected and with the proper dosage of the agent.


Restylane is one of the most popular biogel fillers successfully used for contouring. The product contains hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 2% and is used to fill in small and deep wrinkles and folds and correct facial/ lip contours.

The Restylane range of fillers is produced by the Swedish company Q-Med AB. It includes biogels that differ in the type of imperfections corrected and the presence of lidocaine and other additives. Unlike analogs, Restylane has a dense consistency. Thanks to this, biogel is slowly resorbed in the soft tissues, which provides a more lasting effect.

Restylane advantages:

  • Safety;
  • Immediate effect;
  • No rehabilitation period and no severe long-term restrictions;
  • Compatibility with other cosmetic procedures.


Sculptra is a long-acting filler that helps to rejuvenate the skin and model facial contours without causing any rejection from the body. It is suitable for removing wrinkles, scars, and lack of volume of facial tissues. The injection lasts no more than half an hour and requires minimal aftercare. Feedback from patients who used the filler is primarily positive because it stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin in addition to the shape and physical volume. Its effect lasts for up to 25 months.

The primary purpose of this drug is to stimulate collagen production while the active ingredient is gradually eliminated from the body. The advantage of Sculptra over other fillers (such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse) is that this drug does not cause facial asymmetry. 

Sculptra is used to correct the following: 

  • Cheeks;
  • Cheekbones;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Chin;
  • Temples.
  1. Topical Botox Alternatives

It makes no sense to include botulinum toxin in the cream formula:

  • Firstly, it oxidizes quickly in the air;
  • Secondly, this peptide cannot penetrate the skin to the muscles. 

However, botulinum toxin’s “relatives” – other peptides that can be added to cosmetics – can mimic its work. Of course, not so fast, but without possible side effects.

So, what can a cream with Botox effect do?

  • Intercept the signal of facial muscles activity in the botulinum toxin-like manner, preventing their contraction;
  • Work as a derma relaxant, affecting the base of the skin – fibroblasts.

What are the ingredients that allow the cream to have a Botox effect?

  1. The Argireline peptide is the first “botulinum-like” ingredient in cosmetics and has been on the market for over ten years.
  2. Syn-Ake peptide, which paralyzes muscles. The ingredient is widely used in Korean cosmetics.
  3. Adenosine is the main contributor to cellular metabolism. 

More Alternatives

  1. FaceXercise

Facial exercise is a cheap Botox alternative and a great way to improve facial muscle tone and overall skin health through massage, relaxation, and exercise.


Regular facial exercises can relieve stress, eliminate headaches and keep your skin healthy.


  • Increases oxygen and blood flow, which improves skin elasticity and helps tighten skin;
  • Helps fight facial fat;
  • Reduces wrinkles and prevents aging;
  • Soothes the skin.
  1. Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a particular type of acupuncture that is used for aesthetic purposes. And unlike Botox, fillers, and beauty injections, acupuncture positively affects skin health, affecting more than just superficial signs of aging.

Cosmetic facial acupuncture aims to treat imbalances of physiological conditions that can affect the appearance using acupuncture points on the face. The specialist, doing acupuncture, creates safe micro-traumas of the tissues. The latter stimulates collagen production, which smooths out lines and wrinkles in this area. In addition, blood and lymph flow is increased, and the metabolic processes in the tissues are improved.

Therefore, the procedure has a variety of positive results:

  • Slowing down the aging process from the inside;
  • Improved muscle tone;
  • Increased collagen/elastin production;
  • Elimination of facial swelling;
  • Mitigation of acne and other scars;
  • Smoothing of wrinkles and evening out the face tone;
  • Improving facial contour, “filling in” sagging areas.
  1. Vitamins

The body needs all vitamins. Based on the condition of your skin, you can estimate which of them you need:

  • A, retinol – has an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes the sebaceous glands, stimulates regeneration and collagen production, and promotes skin rejuvenation;
  • B1, thiamine – prevents premature aging;
  • B2, riboflavin – speeds up metabolism and oxygenation of cells;
  • B5, pantothenic acid – smoothes wrinkles;
  • B6, pyridoxine – effective in treating skin diseases;
  • B9, folic acid – helps get rid of acne;
  • B12, cyanocobalamin – starts cell regeneration and rejuvenation processes;
  • C, ascorbic acid – stimulates collagen production, promotes healing of wounds and microcracks, strengthens blood vessels;
  • D – slows down aging processes and helps maintain skin elasticity and tone;
  • E, tocopherol – promotes cell renewal and protects against ultraviolet rays;
  • K – helps fight pigment spots, including freckles, swelling, and inflammation;
  • P.P., niacin – protects the skin, improves complexion, and has a stimulating effect on the cellular level;
  • H, biotin – participates in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and stimulates regeneration.
  • Vitamins are consumed externally and internally, separately or in combination, depending on the health condition, body needs, and even the time of year.
  1. Laser Resurfacing

A non-surgical procedure that helps to get rid of pigmentation, wrinkles, and other imperfections. The main working principle is to affect the skin with a laser, pinpointing damage to the epidermis and activating the natural rejuvenation process: collagen and elastin. The laser beam produced by a specialized unit is so tiny that it does not cause scarring. After the procedure, the skin is smooth and taut, without wrinkles, age spots, scars, and scars.

  1. Ultrasound

Ultrasonic face cleansing is a new Botox alternative, a fast and non-traumatic technique that allows you to solve various facial skin problems. The therapeutic effect of this treatment is based on ultrasound. During the procedure, the waves cause vibrations of a particular frequency in the skin. It provides mechanical and chemical stimulation and helps to improve the overall facial condition.

Ultrasound waves cause the following effects:

  • Warming;
  • Micro massage at the cellular level;
  • Activation of metabolic processes and collagen production;
  • Healing;
  • Gentle removal of dead cells.

Due to this spectrum of effects, ultrasonic cleansing combines three procedures: light exfoliation, revitalization, and massage. At the same time, the treatment is delicate and safe. It does not stretch or traumatize the skin, so it has almost no contraindications.

  1. Chemical Peeling

Chemical skin peeling is a procedure of treating the outer skin layer with special substances-exfoliants, effectively removing dead skin cells and stimulating skin regeneration. Depending on the type of procedure will vary significantly in the degree of impact on the skin, especially cleansing, the period after exfoliation, and the result obtained. There are three main types of peeling:

  1. Light. It is a gentle peeling, which purifies the skin by removing just a few layers of keratinized cells. Due to the lack of side effects, one can go to work, study, and have an everyday life immediately after such exfoliation.
  1. Medium. This peeling affects the basal membrane and destroys the skin’s stratum corneum. Fibroblasts responsible for producing hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen are regenerated during exfoliation. The treatment has a long-lasting effect and must be repeated at the earliest in one year.
  1. Deep. It is designed to renew the entire skin depth, exfoliate the epidermis, and affect the basal membrane. It is a controlled chemical burn, after which there is an intensive tissue regeneration process. It is performed only in the hospital and has a long-term effect.

How to choose the best Botox alternative?

First, determine the problem you are concerned about: pigmentation, age-related changes, tone, or something else. 

Then go to a cosmetologist and tell him about your problem. A professional consultation will help you find the best solution. Botox, hyaluronic acid filler, Botox alternative creams, peels, and facial massage are beneficial. But only a professional can tell you which one will solve your problems with maximum effect and minimum cost.


Does Dysport last longer than Botox?

In some cases, the effect of Dysport may last longer than Botox and vice versa. But on average, the impact of both products lasts 3-4 months. 

What is a natural Botox alternative?

Acupuncture, anti-aging facial creams, chemical peels, and hyaluronic acid fillers are natural alternatives to Botox.

What is a longer-lasting alternative to Botox?

Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and other fillers are a longer-lasting alternative to Botox because they last from 6 to 18 months.

What do celebrities use instead of Botox?

Celebrities use all the methods mentioned in the article: creams, peels, fillers, ultrasound cleansing, vitamins, as well as acupuncture, and FaceXercise.

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Only professionals can determine better Botox replacement: hyaluronic acid, peels, laser, creams, or other methods, after assessing the skin condition and contraindications. But to get the best results, cosmetologists often recommend using more than one method (if they are compatible).