Plump buttocks.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, buttock augmentation with fat grafting procedures decreased by 22% from 28,076 in 2019 to 21,823 in 2020, reflecting the fluctuating trends in cosmetic surgery preferences. 

Hyacorp offers a modern and minimally invasive solution for those seeking gluteal enhancements. This advanced product provides a significant yet natural lift, bridging the gap between non-invasive treatments and surgical options.

This article delves into the science behind Hyacorp buttock fillers, explores patient experiences, and provides insights into achieving your desired gluteal contours. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hyacorp filler is a hyaluronic acid-based filler specifically designed for soft tissue augmentation, including buttock augmentation.
  • Applying Hyacorp filler in buttock augmentation can enhance gluteal contouring and address aesthetic concerns related to buttock volume and shape.
  • Injection techniques, patient selection criteria, potential outcomes, safety considerations, and patient satisfaction rates are crucial factors when using Hyacorp filler for buttock augmentation.

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Application of Hyacorp Filler in Buttock Augmentation

Buttocks injections.

Hyacorp filler stands out because of its special makeup. It’s made from hyaluronic acid, which is good for adding volume and shaping the body. This filler is part of a group known as cross-linked hyaluronic fillers.

Significant advancements have been made in injection techniques for buttock augmentation. Medical professionals now use HYAcorp MLF2, a highly cross-linked body filler, for precise and effective buttock enhancements.

Here’s a closer look at these techniques:

  • Choosing The Suitable Filler: HYAcorp MLF2 is preferred for its consistency and ability to produce natural-looking results. Its composition allows for targeted volume addition in the buttocks.
  • Assessing Patient Needs: Doctors evaluate the patient’s body shape and desired outcomes before proceeding. This step ensures that the augmentation matches their physique and expectations.
  • Marking The Injection Sites: Precise markings are made on the patient’s buttocks to guide the injections. This planning phase is crucial for achieving symmetrical results.
  • Applying Numbing Cream: To ensure comfort, a topical numbing agent is applied to the area before injection. This makes the procedure virtually painless.
  • Using Proper Injection Techniques: Doctors inject HYAcorp MLF2 into specific areas of the buttocks to create volume and enhance shape. The method varies based on desired outcomes, focusing on areas that need more fullness or lift.
  • Layering The Filler: The filler is injected at different depths for a more natural contouring effect., enhancing both volume and shape in a balanced way.
  • Monitoring Aftercare: Post-procedure monitoring is vital to manage any potential swelling or discomfort and to ensure optimal healing. Patients are given specific instructions to follow during recovery.
  • Addressing Safety Concerns: Professionals stay informed about potential risks, like the migration of hyaluronic acid fillers, prompting careful technique and ongoing patient education about signs of complications.

After discussing how Hyacorp filler is injected for buttock augmentation, it’s crucial to discuss who should consider this procedure. The right patient selection is key to good results with Hyacorp filler.

Potential Outcomes and Benefits

Buttocks injections.

Patients looking for a fuller, more rounded buttock contour may find immediate gratification with Hyacorp filler injections. The hyaluronic acid in the filler works wonders by drawing in water and adding volume where it’s needed most.

Hyacorp filler significantly changes the volume and shape of the buttocks. It does this by adding volume and contouring the body in a way that looks natural. After getting Hyacorp, people notice their buttocks look fuller and more shaped.

Safety Considerations and Risks

Buttocks injections.

Patients often ask questions like, “Is Hyacorp FDA-approved?” or “How safe are the ingredients in this filler?”. Hyacorp fillers are tested to ensure they are safe and top-quality. Doctors who know what they’re doing can use Hyacorp with a slight chance of problems.

Enhancing the buttocks with Hyacorp filler comes with its set of risks and complications, just like any cosmetic surgery. Knowing these potential issues helps doctors and patients make informed decisions.

  • Anesthesia Risks: Every anesthesia procedure has dangers, including allergic reactions and breathing problems.
  • Bleeding: There’s a risk of bleeding during or after the injection process, which can lead to more severe problems if not handled right away.
  • Infection Risks: Injecting large amounts of hyaluronic acid can sometimes lead to delayed or chronic onset infections.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): This serious condition involves blood clots forming in deep veins, which could travel to the lungs, causing pulmonary complications.
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Complications: Procedures on the buttocks have a slight chance of leading to heart or lung problems.
  • Asymmetry Issues: Achieving perfect symmetry is challenging; the two sides of the buttocks might have differences in shape or size.
  • Delayed-Onset Infections: These infections don’t show up immediately but emerge sometime after the procedure, requiring immediate attention.
  • Chronic Infections: Some infections may persist over time, complicating recovery and possibly needing additional treatment.
  • Allergic Reactions: Although HYAcorp fillers use hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin to minimize allergies, there’s still a slight chance of an allergic reaction.
  • Complications from Dermal Fillers: In addition to general surgical risks, specific issues related to dermal fillers include lumps forming under the skin or migration of the filler material.

Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Studies

Time FrameSatisfaction LevelNotes
PreoperativeBaselinePatient expectations are recorded.
3 Months PostoperativeIncreased SatisfactionSubjective satisfaction peaks, meeting initial expectations.
Long-term Follow-upSlightly Declined SatisfactionSatisfaction remains high but shows a slight decline from the 3-month peak.
Overall45% Extremely SatisfiedA high rate of patients report being extremely satisfied with Hyacorp treatment.

These figures underscore the high satisfaction rates among patients undergoing Hyacorp filler treatments for buttock augmentation. Satisfaction is not just a fleeting moment post-treatment but extends into the long-term follow-up, even if there’s a slight dip from the initial high. This trend highlights the effectiveness of Hyacorp in meeting and sustaining patient expectations over time.

Clinical studies on Hyacorp buttock augmentation show high patient satisfaction. People love their new looks because of the precise shaping and sculpting that Hyacorp fillers offer.


Hyacorp Filler for Buttocks offers a modern solution for gluteal contouring. This procedure shapes and enhances the buttocks, giving immediate results. It’s a safe choice with many happy outcomes.

For those looking to improve their rearview without surgery, Hyacorp stands out as a promising option. This filler opens new doors for body confidence and satisfaction.


1. What is Hyacorp filler?

Hyacorp filler is a gel that makes buttocks look more extensive and shapelier.

2. Does getting Hyacorp hurt?

You might feel a little pinch, but doctors can use techniques or numbing creams to help it not hurt much.

3. How long does Hyacorp last in the buttocks?

The effects can stick around for around 24 months.

4. Can anyone get Hyacorp fillers?

Most people can, but you’ll chat with a doctor first to ensure it’s right.

5. How soon will I see results from Hyacorp fillers in my buttocks?

You’ll notice a change immediately, but the full wow effect takes a few weeks.


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